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A Message From the Author
The publishing industry is dying. But good books don’t need to.

The Glass Sky is a great thriller (check out the reviews) and the theme is important. It took four years of evenings and weekends to write, and was named as one of the Best 100 Indie books of 2012.

But I am an independent author. I have no promotions department or publisher to push sales. I can't afford a $500,000 ad campaign. And Oprah was busy with Lance Armstrong.

I'd prefer that you buy the book, but above all I'd like you to read it. Which is why I'm making the full version available as a gift.

I believe there are many people who like intelligent, well-researched thrillers. Ones that tackle important themes. Ones that aren’t based on video game worlds, stock formulas, or characters licensed from another author. That's the type of book I wanted The Glass Sky to be. I hope you'll find it meets those standar

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