When a risky new technology offers a chance to tame Earth’s runaway climate, the future falls into unlikely hands.

Respected environmentalist Doctor Tania Black is high on integrity and low on political smarts. Which makes her a surprise pick for UNBio Director. As storms drown cities and droughts undermine nations, Tania becomes mired in a rigged game. But when she untangles the strands of corruption and greed, she finds them tied to dangerous enemies.

Tian Jie is a brilliant nanoengineer. After years of overwork, he wants to enjoy what’s left of his son’s childhood. Then he receives a mysterious summons to the Xinjiang Space Center. Jie’s invention, Nanoglass, offers the best hope for Earth’s salvation. But Nanoglass is still experimental. To make it work, Jie must embark on a daring adventure that will take him to places he never imagined.

"Perren draws in the reader with a well-rounded,
 sympathetic cast of characters grounded in an
 all-too-possible future world. His characters are
 so lifelike that their issues are inseparable from the
 story, making for a deeply emotional, compelling read.

An exciting, well-written and compassionate
 eco-thriller with real heroes and a mission worth
 caring about." 

- Kirkus Reviews